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Sheep Improvement Ltd (SIL) Bureau

Sheep farmers world wide are extremely lucky to have access to New Zealand’s beef + lamb’s SIL. SIL is our national sheep database with powerful processing capabilities. Lambing and trait records from many years (if available) are included in each of SIL’s highly sophisticated genetic analyses. The resulting Indexes  are powerful tools which allow ram breeders and their clients to select animals with the best genes for the traits that are most relevant to their breeding operation.

SIL indexes are flexible. They consist of whichever traits are of most importance to each individual breeder and their ram clients. These traits may include, but are not limited to, some combination of Reproduction, Survival, Lamb Growth, Adult size, Meat Yield and Wool. Each of these traits can be expressed in cents. They are a function of the estimated net profit, after all the costs of production are GeneCapII.pngaccounted for, of a ram’s progeny compared to the progeny of other rams in the same SIL analysis. In a maternal flock this benefit is cumulative over time, just like compound interest in the bank.

SIL is a tool for sheep breeders and their ram clients – an essential tool for breeders wishing to take the sheep industry into the future with confidence. But it is only a tool - good stockmanship is also paramount

We are a Sheep Improvement Limited (SIL) Bureau (licensed operator).

What can we do for you?

  • We explain to you why it is important to be part of the SIL database, discuss which records are of most benefit to your breeding situation, when to  record them and how.

  • We provide stud sheep recording services. If you choose to use a manual recording system, we provide you with recording sheets with your animals listed. We then enter the data you send us into the national database, and send you the appropriate reports.

  • Electronic data transfer options are growing in popularity e.g. exports from your scales or other electronic recoding system,  StudFAX,  or xlsx.

  • Our data inputs people double check all data which is manually or electronically entered into the database.

  • Our reports person works with each breeder individually to ensure the information of their choice is on each report, so that reports are tailor made to each individual’s requirements.

  • Julia can be contacted by phone to interpret the reports and to advise on selection criteria if required.

  • Newsletters with “hot tips” for recording are sent to each of our breeders periodically.


We are committed to making the animal recording process as efficient, cost effective and user friendly as possible.


Cell:      +64 274 320 285

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