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The Genetic Gains’  AB Centre was established in 1992, and is currently located on Earnscleugh Road, close to Alexandra in Central Otago, New Zealand. While on our Centre your valuable rams will not be subjected to electoejacualtors as we believe that for sheep it is a form of torture. We do all our collections using more natural methods. Ram health is vitally important to us and is very carefully monitored during their stay.

Frozen semen is the very best possible insurance for your top rams. If they die or if the flock is devastated by fire, flood, earthquake, an outbreak of disease or some other disaster you still have their genes.  It allows elite sires to be used over hundreds of ewes within a season.. Straws stored correctly in sufficient levels of liquid nitrogen can last indefinitely.

The sheep breeding season in New Zealand is relatively short. We operate between January and June when ram semen quality is at its best. We have put our export license on hold for the 2022 breeding season due to the lack of demand and high cost of maintaining it, but will review this decision before the 2023 breeding season.

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you would like to discuss options for preserving the valuable genes for your flock, or if you would like to access new genetics from elsewhere.


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