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Embryo Transfer


Genetic Gains Ltd. and Premier Genetics NZ Ltd. work together to provide Multiple Ovulation and Embryo Transfer (MOET) services to sheep breeders. Premier Genetics NZ Ltd. is an Auckland based company owned by veterinarian John Crawford who is internationally renown for his skills in artificial breeding.


What is MOET?


MOET is a means of rapidly multiplying numbers of top quality stock.


Why do it?


Breeders with top performing ewes can increase the number of high value progeny 2 to 3 times faster by using MOET. More high value rams are produced, providing an increased net return for the breeder on sale.  The increased percentage of top performing ewes in the flock will result in an increased net return due to high value ewe sales, or, if the ewes are retained, increased genetic gain within the flock i.e. higher production of wool, lambs, meat or special genes.


How is it done?


The reproductive cycles of the donor ewes and the recipient dams (surrogate mothers) are synchronised using CIDR's (Controlled Intra-vaginal Drug Release).  Before CIDR withdrawal donor ewes are given a series of injections containing hormones, to increase number of eggs produced (superovulation).  Oestrus occurs 24 to 48 hours after removal of the device.  The embryos are flushed out of the uterus 5-7 days after fertilisation by mating or artificial insemination (AI), and implanted as singles or twins into recipient ewes.


Ewes may be flushed twice during the breeding season (4-5 weeks apart) and naturally mated afterwards.  The number of progeny resulting from this process depends on the breed of the donor animal.


Why use Genetic Gains Ltd/Premier Genetics?


We have skilled staff with many years of experience in embryo transfer and artificial insemination in a wide range of sheep breeds. 




In the 2015 breeding season we did a MOET programme involving 40 donors and 182 implanted recipients, most of which were implanted with twins. The recipient pregnancy rate was 95% and the embryo survival rate was 85% to scanning. This excellent result would not have been possible without the breeder’s careful attention to  detail in the preparation of the ewes and the administration of the programme.


Similar results have consistently been achieved in other MOET programmes in previous seasons



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