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Deer photos courtesy of Willie Aspinall, Makarora River Ranch

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Genetic Gains Ltd. operates a DEER Select bureau. DEER Select, supported by the Deer Industry of New Zealand (DINZ) and the New Zealand Deer Farmers Association (NZDFA) is our national red deer and wapiti database. Its powerful data processing capabilities are enormous.

Parentage, growth, meat and velvet production records from many years (if available) are included in each of DEER Select’s highly sophisticated genetic analyses. These allow the value of an animal as a parent to be predicted, and enable breeders to select breeding animals on their genetic merit for the productive traits which generate income.

Breeders can easily see the genetic improvement being made within their own herd compared to the industry average on their Genetic Trends Graphs. (see example below)

A rapid rate of genetic improvement such as that shown on the Genetic Trends Graph is dependant on strategic selection of breeding animals using breeding values and indexes generated by DEER Select.

What can we do for you?

  • As an official DEER Select Bureau, we provide red deer and wapiti recording services. We work with you to determine the most effective way for you to collect information relevant to your breeding operation, and the best way to send it to us for entry into the DEER Select database.

  • Electronic data collection and transfer options include Deer Magic, StudFAX or downloads from electronic scales such as Trutest SR3000. Several of our breeders use Microsoft xl to enter data on prelists we provide. These prelists already have the relevant tag numbers listed.

  • If you chose to use a manual recording system, we provide you with recording sheets with your animals listed.

  • Alternatively GeneCapture II, our hand held computer and specially designed software allows   accurate capture and electronic transfer of information. This can save you hours of time and qualifies you for a discount on our services. GeneCapture II has an optional EID reader attached.

  • Reports relevant to the data received are quickly returned to you after each set of data is analysed.

  • Updated reports in your chosen format are available on request at any time.


We are committed to making the animal recording process as user friendly as possible.




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